Azzra Is Telling Her Story From Darkness To Light

It have been fruitful 3years since I accepted Islam. I arrived in Oman way back October 25, 2012 carrying in the back of my mind that I will never become a Muslim because in the Philippines we believed that Islam is a religion of terror and no peace at all. When I was still in the Philippines my husband told me that he himself accepted Islam I got confused and puzzled how he accepted the religion that most Filipinos thought of  all the negative images. So when I arrived Oman I got the chance to study Islam since my husband accepted Islam before me and I think it should be my duty to follow him. I started studying the religion at first because of my love for my husband and my family, I was troubled how our son will grow up having 2 different belief, his father as a Muslim and me as a Christian.  I was really inspired to learn all about Islam because of my great love for my son.  Alhamdullillah after 4 months of learning I humbly accepted the Islam as the true one religion of God. It was not very difficult for me to made my Shahadah because Islam believes in all the prophets specially nabi issa which I used to pray as my God as thought in Christianity. I found my inner peace and thought of the proper way to pray, honor and glorify Allah that is the only one true Allah that is worthy of praise and thanksgiving.  In sha allah me and my family will see each other in Janna ‘’the promised paradise’’ of Allah.

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