Attributes Of God

The Creator who created both man and the universe has definitely a large number of attributes and qualities. Among these are: Unity: The unity of the system of the universe with its vast dimensions and delicate combinations, and its operation in the most orderly manner provides sufficient evidence of the unity of God the Creator. …

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Da’awah to Allah

Dr. Asya AL Riyami   What is determined by the notion Da’awah is Da’awah ilaa Allah “Say: This is my way and I invite to Allaah with certain knowledge.” (Soorah Yoosuf, 12: 108) and Da’awah ilaa Allah indicates to an organized, a determined, and a constant effort targeted at calling mankind and jinn to the …

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The way to light

I’m 35 years old, originally from Latvia. I reverted to Islam in 2010. My generation was raised to a certain extent in the Soviet Union. It was a system with its own ideology, in which religion was marginalized. People were discouraged from taking part in any kind of religious services. We were raised in a …

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